We Believe in Quality


Our analysts will complete a function-based assessment through direct observation and interview data to determine environmental variables maintaining maladaptive behaviors as well as identifying skill deficits. The data from this assessment will be used to create an individualized behavior support plan for each client, outlining specific goals for client outcomes.

Direct Therapy

We offer one-to-one direct services to target the reduction of problem behaviors as well as address skill acquisition goals. Services are conducted wherever maladaptive behaviors or skill deficits are most prevalent, including home, school and community settings.


The Behavior Doc has a well-developed supervision program designed to ensure that all of our service providers are implementing intervention protocols with fidelity and that behavior data is being collected with reliability to ensure quality care. Our BCBA supervisors provide direct supervision to RBT level staff in person on a weekly basis.


Caregiver training is essential to ensure our clients make continued progress and do not regress. Our providers are prepared to train parents, teachers and additional caregivers on the specific behavior support interventions that our analysts implement during direct therapy sessions.


Education and behavior consult services are available to improve outcomes for clients and caregivers alike. Following a problem-solving model, our analysts will assist in identifying areas of concern and will develop solution strategies, using the fundamentals of applied behavior analysis, to overcome obstacles and barriers.